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Muscadine Jelly
Published By rubyhawk on 2011-03-05 48 Views

My son and granddaughter brought me two bags of muscadines that they picked from their back yard. I put up jelly, preserves and still have enough left to make muscadine wine. My son and granddaughter picked muscadines last weekend and brought me two sacks full. (They have loads growing in their back yard.) Yesterday I made muscadine jelly and today I made muscadine preserves. In earlier days I made it from scratch but this time I bought sure jell and it didn’t take near as long to cook. I put up 12 jars of jelly and 5 jars of preserves. I still have some juice left over from the first sack plus the second sack full of muscadines. I will make a small batch of jelly without the sure jell and add some lemon juice or apple peels to make it jell just to keep my hand in making it the old fashioned way. With the second sack I am going to make muscadine wine. My only problem is I don’t have a container large enough so I will use two smaller containers. It should work out the same. My late husband made muscadine wine almost every year and I knew how at the time but now I am not sure I remember the correct measurements. I looked for the recipe on the internet but the recipes I found used yeast and vodka among other ingredients. I know we only used muscadines and sugar. No other ingredients were used. So I am going to guess at the amount of sugar and add one pint of sugar to one quart of muscadines and hope for the best. If it isn’t drinkable I can always use it for vinegar. I finished putting up my jelly last night, sealed the jars and we went on to bed. We woke up to loud popping sounds and couldn’t imagine what it was. It sounded like dishes breaking or that was the only thing I could think of. I got up and checked out the kitchen but nothing was amiss. We finely decided our neighbors upstairs had dropped and broken some dishes. It was the only thing that made sense until this afternoon after I finished putting up the preserves, when they began to cool there was the “pop, pop, pop”, then we realized what the noise was… Okay this is about enough.

I must get away from this computer before I grow to my chair. If anyone knows about making muscadine wine with only muscadines and sugar please leave me information. You might save me from making vinegar..
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