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Hobbies are Fun and Entertaining
Published By rubyhawk on 2011-03-11 29 Views

I have hobbies that I really love. When I am not reading or writing, I bead, quilt, paint or walk. And now with summer there is also swimming.They are all fun and I wouldnít give a one of them up. Every once in awhile I like to redecorate as much as I can in our small apartment. It brightens things up a bit to make new slip covers and switch the furniture around a bit. Especially in the spring with a new season beginning. I do repaint but I keep close to the cream color the walls were when we moved here.The picture below is the couch cover I made this spring. The couch was originally red so it makes quiet a change. I love the silver background with pink and lilac flowers. And the best part about it was that I bought this material at Wal Mart for $1.00 a yard. I like to quilt in the winter when itís just too cold to get outside as much as we do during the other seasons. I love choosing the material and deciding what pattern I want to use. I made the quilt below for my grandson while he was in Iraq. Itís called ďthe Flying Dutchman.Ē It took me about the 15 months he was over there to finish it but I goter done and mailed it to him when he was discharged from the army to Killeen Texas. So far I have made all the grandkids two quilts apiece. Now with new great granddaughter I will have another quilt to make this winter. I also enjoy making bead jewelry. Itís fun to make necklaces and fun to have all the different colors to go with every outfit. I wear them with blue jeans, dresses, or anything I might wear. Itís a good useful hobby.

They are also appreciated as gifts. Itís an entertaining thing to do on a cold winter night when there is nothing on TV worth seeing and you donít have anything interesting to read. I also love to paint. Give me canvas, paints, and brushes and I am in hog heaven. Just go off and forget about me and I will never notice. Well foot, I looked for a painting I could place below but they have disappeared into the place where everything else on this computer goes to get lost. Instead here is a picture of an old bent tree we pass on the board walk when we go walking. I passed it this evening and I still like the look of it..
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